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The scaffolding is up at the Old Courthouse on Virginia Avenue in Petersburg as the Grant County Historical Society (GCHS) undertakes their largest restoration project on the building so far. 

The current project is the repair of the building’s front columns, which consists of the removal of rotten wood from each column, the removal of old paint, repairing holes in the wood, replacing wooden slats and making repairs of the aging columns with epoxy. 

Michael Todd Cole, 55, was sentenced to spend up to 15 years in prison after a Grant County judge ruled he had violated his probation.

Fall in Petersburg will be a little more festive this year, thanks to a new collaboration between the Grant County Visitors Beruea. the City of Petersburg and the Downtown Petersburg Beautification Project. 

Last week, it was announced the partnership would be hosting the first Scarecrow Festival, which invites community members to design and decorate scarecrows to be displayed around town, with the most creative scarecrows winning an award.

After a parking update by the Grant County Parks and Recreation Department, boaters visiting Welton Park will now have a designated place to park their vehicles and trailers. 

Department director Jim Reel explained that, before the expansion, trucks pulling boat trailers would have to park across multiple parking spots in order to ensure their vehicle was safetly removed from the middle of the lot. As a result, groups renting the pavillions for large gatherings would often not have nearby parking spaces. 

Last week, the Grant County Board of Education discussed an update on the ongoing usage of levy funds throughout the school system. 

During their regularly schedule meeting on Oct. 13, multiple board members expressed their goal to be as transparent as possible when it comes to informing the public how levy funds are being spent.

“When we passed this levy we promised transparency and that is what we are going to give the public,” said board member Janie Berg. “I want people to know they can trust in our judgment and know exactly where this money is going.”

The Mineral County official who was charged with embezzling county money while acting as an officer of the trust has pleaded guilty to the charges in a Grant County court. 

Grant County could soon be home to its 10th park with commissioners hearing a proposal last week from community member Bob McCauley on a joint effort with West Virginia University and the West Virginia Community Development Hub to build the county’s recreation economy.

McCauley presented the commission with a proposed project called the Petersburg Walk/Bike Loop Trails and Kayak Play Park. 

McCauley said the goal of the proposal was to expand on and improve the trail along the county’s dike and add a kayak play park in the nearby river.

The plan presented by McCauley included a loop trail system, a kayak play park based on an engineering design, creating an annual festival based on the county’s trails and waterways.

One local program is encouraging physical activity while still respecting social distancing guidelines by adding a new splash of color to school playgrounds.

In an announcement that grabbed nationwide attention, it was unveiled last week that Virgin, a multinational venture capital group, would be building their new hyperloop certification and testing center on land in Grant and Tucker counties.

The announcement was made last Thursday by Governor Jim Justice’s office and was immediately followed by similar statements from Senator Joe Manchin as well as local representative John Paul Hott.

Hott explained that the effort to attract the company to West Virginia actually began last year when Virgin announced their plans to build a certification center and invited states to submit information on their suggestions for its location.

The Potomac Highlands Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, which includes members of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, was honored last week by the United States Attorney’s Office for their work in bringing down drug trafficking in the region.

Their recognition centered around their fight against a drug trafficking ring dubbed Operation Mountaintop. This case arises out of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force investigation into the distribution of crystal methamphetamine by various individuals in the area of Mineral County and elsewhere.

Giovanni Geonard Ingersoll, also known as Mike Avery and Victor Witcher transported pounds of crystal methamphetamine from the Akron. Ohio, area into the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

Last week, the Petersburg City Council announced that the city’s annual Trick-or-Treat would take place on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 6-8 p.m.

The announcement came after community concerns circulated that the event would not happen this year due to Covid-19 guidelines. The council encourages everyone participating to wear a safety mask and that they would follow guidelines and mandates released from the governor’s office concerning the holiday plans. They also encourages those who wished to hand out candy to leave their porch light on during those hours.

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