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By Dr. Glenn Mollette

The horrendous shooting of 12 innocent people at a country music bar in Twin Oaks, Calif., reminds us that no place in America is safe. If we thought there were some safe sacred zones in our country then we should ask the people in Pittsburgh. In particular, ask the people of the Tree of Life Synagogue in the community of Squirrel Hill where 11 people were murdered and six others wounded during a sacred hour of worship.

Last week in Martin County, Ky., a woman shot her sleeping husband in his bed in the early morning hours. She then called a friend and told her that she was going to end her own life as well. She told her friend about their life stresses, consisting primarily of health issues and medical bills, and that she felt they could not overcome them. By the time her friend and others got there she was dead along with her husband.

Jane M. Orient, M.D.

By Jane M. Orient, M.D.

The narrative appears to be that thousands of oppressed people spontaneously decided, all at once, to flee a murderous, corrupt government in Central America, and walk to the U.S., in time for Election Day, to plead for asylum and begin to work hard for a better life in the U.S. (Take note: it is a “caravan” not an “army.”)

We see photos of a mass of walking people, including women, some carrying babies. There are photos of a resting crowd, some tending to infants.

Some are waving flags of the purportedly evil regimes they are fleeing—such as Honduras. Some are receiving cash from men in white T-shirts. Some are reportedly receiving gifts of sandals or food from charitable Mexicans.

But there are some questions that surely have occurred to the Trump administration, and even to the mainstream media.

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