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Clearway Energy Inc. last week announced it completed the acquisition of Mount Storm, a 264 MW asset in Grant County, W.Va., from Castleton Commodities International.
“The closing of the Mount Storm transaction provides the company geographic diversification, accretive growth, and leverages Clearway’s existing platform of wind investments in West Virginia to provide for operational efficiencies,” said Christopher Sotos, Clearway Energy Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer.
“In partnership with our sponsor, Clearway Group, we look forward to deepening our commitment to support investments in local businesses and the community through Mount Storm and our other renewable energy projects in West Virginia.”

West Virginia has reached a multistate settlement to resolve allegations that a pharmaceutical company falsely and aggressively marketed and promoted Suboxone, leading to improper use of state Medicaid funds.
The company, Indivior, will provide West Virginia more than $5.2 million. The state will keep more than $1.36 million, while the balance will reimburse federal Medicaid programs – a matter consistent with previous Medicaid settlements.

Following an update from the Grant County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
and 911, the Grant County Commission is discussing plans to update the county’s emergency VHF (very high frequency) radio system.
The county’s VHF system is an response and alert system that notifies emergency responders around the county of ongoing emergencies. It sends out alerts to responders and centers (such as the local firehouses and ambulance buildings) via pagers and phones. Peggy Bobo-Alt, the director of the Grant County OEM and 911, appeared before the commission to provide an update on the project. Alt first brought the issue to the commission last year, where she expressed concern that the aged system could result in delays in alerting sections of the county.

Superintendent Doug Lambert provided an update to the board of education on the upcoming high school graduation plans for both Petersburg and Union High Schools.
Due to concerns surrounding Covid-19 regulations, Lambert clarified that both schools would be having in-person graduations. Both schools will host graduation on May 28, with PHS’s scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the Viking Memorial Football Field in Petersburg and UHS’s scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the Union Educational Complex gymnasium. Both events will observe social distancing regulations and attendees are asked to wear masks.
More information on traditional graduation events, such as baccalaureate and award ceremonies, will be determined for PHS if the weather does not permit the event to happen as scheduled.
Another important update included the approval of Dwayne “Bubba” Hedrick as the new Petersburg Elementary School principal.
Hedrick will fill the role vacated by the recently named superintendent, Mitch Webster.
The board also met with representatives from The Grant County Bank, to thank them for a donation that will provide  every student with a laptop sleeve for their school-provided Chromebooks.
Bank president George Ford and vice president Jeffrey Reedy, appeared before the board to present them with 1,700 black cloth sleeves to help students better transport the Chromebooks as well as protect them from damage.

Three Grant County residents are facing up to 20 years or more in prison after pleading guilty to drug charges in a federal court.
According to an announcement by acting United States Attorney Randolph Bernard, Betty Arlene Chapman, Trampas Quint Wolford and Peter Sanford Layne, all of Cabins, pleaded guilty to distributing drugs. All three cases were the result of separate charges.

Visitors to Grant County’s Turner Park will likely notice several updates to the park’s signage as well as some new safety rules being enforced.
The decision to add the new written rules came as more and more safety concerns began to be voiced by visitors who said they witnessed unsafe, dangerous or damaging actions from other park-goers.
“We have had so many concerns come up lately from visitors,” said James Reel, director of the Grant County Parks department. “We have had people downrange while others were aiming down the barrels, we even had people running out to check targets just as people finished shooting. The maintenance crews have had to come out in the past to pick up pieces of toilet because people drug an old commode out here and shot it up.”

Last week, police discovered the body of Mark VanMeter, 46, along the National Forest side of the North Fork River in Grant County. VanMeter, a Grant County resident, was reported missing in January but had not been seen since December 2020. His body was discovered on March 15. The remains have been sent to the state medical examiner’s offi ce in Charleston to determine cause and time of death.
At this time, the case remains under investigation by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department.

Approves second resource officer at schools

During their recent meeting, the Grant County Commission heard an update about the ongoing efforts to expand high speed internet throughout the county. Last year, the county received a grant through the Grant County Development Authority to conduct a Broadband Feasibility Study to highlight under-served areas and present options for a multi-phase plan to address the issue.
West Virginia House of Representatives Delegate John Paul Hott attended the meeting to update them on the happenings in the West Virginia legislature. Hott explained that, as of the last election, the Republican party has a super-majority in the state, meaning elected officials in the party hold the majority in both the house and the state senate as well as the governorship.  
Hott also introduced the commission via phone to fellow delegate Daniel Linville. Linville serves as the representative for Cabell and Lincoln counties. He is also the chairperson of the Committee on Technology and Infrastructure.

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