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January 3rd

TEAM STANDINGS: Vetter’s Guns & Ammo 49 – 31, Strike Force 48 – 32, WELD 45 – 35, Split Happens 44.5 – 35.5, Terminators 44 – 36, Empire Strikes 29 – 51, Country Cars & Trucks 29 – 51, Lucky Strikes 28.5 – 51.5.

MEN: HIGH GAME (SCRATCH): Michael Hedrick 274, Troy McGreevy 263, Don Himelright and Richie Burgess 247. (HANDICAP): Troy Mc- Greevy 282, Michael Hedrick 278, Richie Burgess and Kevin McDonald 263.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Michael Hedrick 661, Richie Burgess 650, Don Himelright 646, Troy McGreevy 642. (HANDICAP): Troy McGreevy 699, Ed Turner and Richie Burgess 698, Ed Wompler and Michael Hedrick 673.

HIGH AVERAGE: Jon Hedrick 204.93, Terry Wratchford 203.33, Richie Burgess 201.28, Ed Wompler 200.

WOMEN: HIGH GAME (SCRATCH) : Dee Anna McDonald 230, Carissa Michael 205, Sarah Earle 193, Emily Stark 191. (HANDICAP): Dee Anna McDonald 266, Emily Stark 240, Carissa Michael 238, Rachel Stark 233.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Carissa Michael 585, Dee Anna McDonald 580, Emily Stark 502, Flecia Brockway 457. (HANDICAP): Dee Anna McDonald 688, Carissa Michael 684, Flecia Brockway 661, Emily Stark 649.

HIGH AVERAGE: Carissa Michael 179.45, Sarah Earle 177.87, Dee Anna McDonald 176.32, Tonya Keplinger 160.72.

The Potomac Valley Muzzleloaders hosted a novelty shoot event on Jan. 1 at Turner Park. A total of 14 shooters participated in the event.

Winners during the event were: Randal George (matches one and seven), Terry Mulligan (matches two and six), Jerry Oates (matches three and five), James Helmick (match four) and Joe Martin (match eight).

Aggregate winners were: Terry Mulligan and James Helmick with 10 points each and Dave Lambert with seven points.

 By Clay Fritz

PHS Vikings

Earlier this month, 17 teams from across the state gathered along I-79 in Flatwoods for the Braxton County Invitational.

The tournament, which was held on Jan. 13-14, is one of the premier mid-season bracketed tournaments in the state. The Vikings traveled light with only four wrestlers competing.

At 132 lbs, Zeke Landis finished 2-2 picking up wins over Braxton County and Calhoun County but ultimately fell one match short of placing. Lukas Wolford had a strong showing, finishing 4-1 to capture third place on the weekend in the 138 lb class. The freshman picked up wins over Herbert Hoover, Ravenswood, Berkeley Springs and defeated Riley Pillus of Moorefi eld in the third place match. Competing at 144 lb for the Vikings, Alex Halterman picked up a win over Calhoun County to fi nish 1-2. Landon McGinnis finished the weekend 1-2 with a win over Calhoun County.

As a team the Vikings finished 14th with 35 points.

The young Vikings continue to show progress but have plenty to work on as the season rolls closer to regionals. The Vikings will be back in action on Jan. 27-28 when Petersburg will host the annual Viking SMASH.

Come out and support the team, action begins on Friday at 3 p.m. and at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

It promises to be a competitive weekend with lots of local teams competing.

Middle School

The Viking Middle School wrestling team traveled to South Harrison Middle school for a Quad on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Teams in attendance included South Harrison, Elkins, and Washington Irving. In the first round, the Vikings matched up with Washington Irving. Josh Lahman (86 lbs), Blake Alt (94 lbs), Ryan Kessel (123 lbs) and Solomon Rohrbaugh (171 lbs) all picked up wins. Next up was South Harrison. Lahman, Garrett Dolly (116 lbs), and Kessel were victorious. The last match of the nigh saw the Vikings take on Elkins Middle School. All the matches were very competitive but only Rohrbaugh emerged with a hard-fought, come from behind victory to end the night. The middle school will be back in action Friday, Jan. 20 at Preston Middle School.

Randall Riggleman (1991), Brandon Bennett (2004), Matthew VanMeter (2020), Marcus Hahn (2010), Derek Miller (2009), Slade Saville (2022), Jace Shanholtz (2016), Lane Huffman (2020), Shawn Riggleman (2010), Justin Tawney (2005), Shawn Hedrick (2009), Josh Evans (2011), Kahner Turner (2020), Charlie Moomau (2021), Ian VanMeter (2022), Adam Nesselrodt (2021) and Justin Mullenax (2012).

Suenette Kuykendall (class of 1987), Angela VanMeter (1992), Medea Harvey (1998), Elizabeth Day (1998), Tonya Rohrbaugh (1999), Alicia VanMeter (1999), Tabitha Funk (2003), Joy Hinkle (2003), Kasey Evans (2011), Madison Evans (2012), Kelsey Miller (2022) and Sara Roy (2022).



Final: WVU Potomac

State 7,

Penn State Beaver 0

Records: WVU Potomac

State (9-5-0) | Penn State

Beaver (2-10-0)

Location: Stayman Field |

Keyser, WV

Raegan McKenzie, Nevaeh Hamborsky, and Morgan Pyles each scored 2 goals apiece to lead the Potomac State offense in a non-conference win over Penn State Beaver last month, at Stayman Field.

The Catamounts took the lead in the 28th minute when McKenzie score her first goal of the day.

Hamborsky made it a 2-0 game just 21 seconds later with the assist from Maggie Slocum.

Potomac State increased its lead with a goal from Pyles in the 30th minute, assisted by Hamborsky. The Catamounts struck again in the 43rd minute when Hamborsky scored her second of the day assisted by Elizabeth Layton.

In the second half, McKenzie got her second goal in the 59th minute, assisted by Slocum. Just over a minute later, Adrianna Guindon scored her first goal of season to make it 6-0.

Pyles wrapped up the Catamount scoring, getting her second of the game in the 62nd minute.

Potomac State outshot Penn State Beaver, 43-0. Kelsey O’Neal and Hamborsky split time in net during the shut out.



September 20th


Strike Force 16 – 4, Vetter’s Guns & Ammo 15 – 5, Terminators 11 – 9, WELD 10 – 10, Empire Strikes 9 – 11, Split Happens 8 – 12, Country Cars & Trucks 8 – 12, Lucky Strikes 3 – 17.

MEN: HIGH GAME (SCRATCH): Larry Ware 237, Troy McGreevy 229, Tyler Halterman 223, Richie Burgess 220. (HANDICAP): Larry Ware 264, Tyler Halterman 256, Troy McGreevy 249, Jeff Sullivan 248.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Troy McGreevy 600, Larry Ware 599, Richie Burgess 587, Trey Wratchford 586. (HANDICAP): Trey Wratchford 688, Larry Ware 680, Troy McGreevy 660, Jeff Constable 657.

HIGH AVERAGE: Terry Wratchford 208.20, Jon Hedrick 202.80, Richie Burgess 202.00, Larry Walp 197.87.

WOMEN: H I G H G A M E (SCRATCH) : Sarah Earle 196, Dee Anna McDonald 192, Emily Stark 191, Carissa Michael 188. (HANDICAP): Emily Stark 243, Flecia Brockway 241, Tonya Keplinger and Sarah Earle 235.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Sarah Earle 569, Dee Anna McDonald 538, Emily Stark 520, Carissa Michael 509. (HANDICAP): Sarah Earle 686, Emily Stark 676, Tonya Keplinger 662, Flecia Brockway 654.

HIGH AVERAGE: Dee Anna McDonald 182.07, Sarah Earle 177.56, Carissa Michael 165.87, Denise McGreevy 160.00.

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