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TEAM STANDINGS: Strike Force 12 – 4, Vetter’s Guns & Ammo 11 – 5, Terminators 8 – 8, Split Happens 8 – 8, Empire Strikes 8 – 8, WELD 7 – 9, Country Cars & Trucks 7 – 9, Lucky Strikes 3 – 13.

MEN: HIGH GAME (SCRATCH): Roger Earle 266, Terry Wratchford 258, Larry Walp 247, Troy McGreevy 225. (HANDICAP): Roger Earle 297, Larry Walp and Terry Wratchford 267, Floyd Shepard 261.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Terry Wratchford 672, Larry Walp 647, Jon Hedrick 627, Larry Ware 618. (HANDICAP): David Robertson 721, Larry Ware 714, Larry Walp 707, Terry Wratchford 699.

HIGH AVERAGE: Terry Wratchford 212.33, Jon Hedrick 209.83, Richie Burgess 203.58, Larry Walp 199.42.

WOMEN: HIGH GAME ( SCRATCH) : Dee Anna McDonald 245, Denise McGreevy 197, Flecia Brockway 179, Rachel Stark 168. (HANDICAP): Dee Anna McDonald 277, Flecia Brockway 252, Denise McGreevy 250, Suzie Hawkins 235.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Dee Anna McDonald 571, Denise McGreevy 518, Tonya Keplinger 459, Rachel Stark 441. (HANDICAP): Denise McGreevy 677, Dee Anna McDonald 667, Flecia Brockway 633, Suzie Hawkins 629.

HIGH AVERAGE: Dee Anna Mc- Donald 182.75, Sarah Earle 171.50, Carissa Michael 164.92, Denise McGreevy 158.17.



September 15th

TEAM STANDINGS: Golden Lanes 9 – 7, Petersburg Oil Company 8.5 – 7.5, Strike Force 8.5 – 7.5, Builders Center 8 – 8, Vetter’s Mini Mart 7 – 9, Country Cars & Trucks 7 – 9.

HIGH GAME (SCRATCH): Derek Miller 258, Jon Hedrick 255, Chris Kesner 254, Bradley Vetter 250, Terry Wratchford 242. (HANDICAP): Chris Kesner and Derek Miller 286, Bradley Vetter 284, Tyler Halterman 266, Walter Barnes 258.

HIGH SERIES (SCRATCH): Jon Hedrick 672, Derek Miller 647, Richie Burgess 640, Tyler Halterman 634, Terry Wratchford 625. (HANDICAP): Tyler Halterman 736, Derek Miller 731, Eddie Baldwin 709, Trey Wratchford 685, Jon Hedrick 678.

HIGH AVERAGE: Terry Wratchford 220.67, Jon Hedrick 219.42, Don Himelright 217.58, Richie Burgess 208.50, Mike Smith 208.50, Zachary Arbaugh 202.67.

By Ann Harrison

Special to The Press

The Moorefi eld Yellow Jackets in the past have had great glory days, but Friday night was not one of them. This was the 92nd meeting of the Vikings and Yellow Jackets. Coach Donny Evans - “We came through with a win. Four out of the five wins (this season) were on the road and that is good.”

The opponents welcomed Petersburg for the playing of the 13th “Little Brown Jug” Summit Bowl series and the Vikings won it handily at 32-7. They also celebrated Military Appreciation Night by recognizing all military branches active, reserve and retired. That recognition can never be done too many times.

Viking fans poured onto the field to fill the bleachers shoulder to shoulder with standing room only on our side.

Captains for the evening were seniors, Blake Turner, William “Bumby” Van Meter, McKale Schultz and Peyton Day.

The Vikings took an early lead and never looked back. Without wasting much time at 8:02 on the scoreboard Peyton Day made his first touchdown by rushing 69 yards to the finish.

Yellow Jackets started a goal run, but were stopped short with a block by Cameron Ault on a 3rd down pass. They then attempted a field goal short of points.

At 8:59 into the second quarter the Vikings had their second touchdown with senior defensive end, McKale Schultz pulling in an interception and running all the way for a touchdown. 14-0 Vikings. It wasn’t long until at 7:35 Peyton “PayDay” Day had a second touchdown rushing for 41 yards and the score is now 20-0.

Half time and both bands, Viking and Yellow Jackets presented great entertainment for the fans.

Third quarter and with 36 seconds left in it Moorefield’s Adam Landes scores a TD and it is now 20-7 Vikings.

Fourth quarter opens and the home team attempts their second fi eld goal to no avail. That’s just not working tonight.

By: John Antonik

West Virginia University West Virginia scored touchdowns on six of its seven first-half offensive possessions, kicked a field goal on the other, and rolled to a 65-7 victory over outmanned Towson here at sun-drenched Milan Puskar Stadium on Sept. 17.

Six of West Virginia’s nine touchdowns were scored on the ground, its most since getting seven in a 66-21 victory over Connecticut on Nov. 24, 2007. The Mountaineers scored on all of their offensive possessions and did not punt.

The Mountaineers will face a Hokie team coming off a 27-7 win over Wofford in Blacksburg to improve to 2-1 on the season. Virginia Tech knocked off Boston College after falling at Old Dominion to begin the season.

Here in Morgantown, quarterback JT Daniels completed 16 of his 24 pass attempts for 174 yards, including a 2-yard touchdown toss to Kaden Prather on the game’s opening possession, before giving way to backup Garrett Greene with 1:31 left in the second quarter and WVU leading 38-7.

Greene led West Virginia into the end zone on that possession as well as its opening drive of the third quarter when he marched the Mountaineers 73 yards to the Tiger 11 before taking it in from there.

The sophomore’s twopossession stat line included 59 yards rushing and 45 yards passing.

Number three quarterback Goose Crowder got the Mountaineers into the end zone once he got into the game late in the third quarter.

That 13-play, 68-yard drive concluded with 11:12 remaining in the game when Crowder completed a 5-yard touchdown pass to a sliding Jeremiah Aaron. The score was set up by Reese Smith’s fantastic catch down the near sideline two plays prior, which placed the football at the Tiger 1.

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