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Rohrbaugh and Morgan
Rohrbaugh and Morgan

Photo courtesy of Country Charm Photography

Trace Rohrbaugh, a student at Maysville Elementary School, competed in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) Archery Tournament in Lousville, Kentucky.

While attending the National Tournament, Rohrbaugh met Levi Morgan from Bow Life TV and got his autograph. Morgan is a native of Morgantown and is recognized as a world champion archer.

His scores and placement among grade school boys during the world competition were: NASP Centershot: 251 (636/2014), NASP IBO 3D: 257 (94/598), Christian Ministries Centershot: 245 (127/278), Christian Ministries 3D: 258 (20/97).

PHS athletic director, Matthew Altobello, Rohrbaugh and Redman.

Photo courtesy of Country Charm Photography

Brooklynn Rohrbaugh ended her 2018 track season with a championship title. Rohrbaugh was a member of the Petersburg High School middle school track and field team. The team is coachedby Shannon Redman.

Raven Hedrick
SIGNING - Raven Hedrick received a scholarship and signed with Davis and Elkins to play volleyball. With her are her mother Rachel, father Eric, (back) Matt Altobello, J. Shannon Earle, her sister Reese Hedrick and Avery Anderson.
SEASON CHAMPS - The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Little League team came out on top this season as the county’s season champs and coming in second in the recent tournament. Team members are John Minnich, Riley Swick, Colton Vance, Peyton Tingler, Trace Rohrbaugh, Jeremiah Humphrey, Lukas Wolford, Corey Kisamore, Kelby Rumer, Isaac Kitzmiller, Isaac McAvory and Peyton Berg. Chad Vance, Dale Tingler and Stacy Berg coached the team.

Photo courtesy of Country Charm Photography

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