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Jenna Burgess and Chloee Burton
Jenna Burgess and Chloee Burton

Viking pitcher Jenna Burgess, who played a key role the school’s win in the recent West Virginia State Softball Championship joined up with the Virginia Legends, a travel ball team based in Charlottesville, Va. The team traveled to Hayden, Ala. to compete in the Bolts 5 Star Exposure Tournament.

The tournament began on June 15 and wrapped up on the 16th. The Virginia Legends played tough opponents from several states, but made it to the championship match against a team from Tulsa Okla., where Burgess pitched the team to a 4 to 2 victory.

Recent Petersburg High School football player, Jacob Hartman, represented Grant County on the North team in the statewide North-South football tournament. The North team beat the South team, 8-6.

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