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A Maysville man passed away last week following a vehicle accident in Hardy County.

According to a report by the Hardy County Sheriff’s Department, the accident occurred at 7:17 a.m. when officers responded to a call reporting an accident at the intersection of Route 55 and Dover-Fort Run Road.

The initial report received by the sheriff’s department told officers the accident involved a pick-up truck and a motorcycle, with the cyclist being seriously injured.

The driver of the motorcycle was identified as Brad Phares of Maysville.

When the response crews arrived, emergency personnel pronounced Phares deceased.

“The investigation is continuing,” the department explained in a press release. “The Hardy County Sheriff’s Office extends our prayers to those who lost a loved one today.”

Units from Moorefield Fire Company, Moorefield Police Department, and Hardy County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accident.


Pandora Barr and Carla Kaposy joined the Grant County Board of Education for their first official meeting since being elected earlier this year.

Barr and Kaposy took the places of Scotty Miley and Hugh Harris.

The board members are now: Barr, Kaposy, Jared Amtower, Kelly Roby and Janie Berg.

Over the next few years, Grant County citizens may be seeing some updated equipment at the voting booths.

During their most recent Grant County Commission meeting, the commissioners met with interim-Grant County Clerk, Seymour Fisher. 

Fisher came before the commission to discuss the option of purchasing new voting machines for the county.

The Grant County Commission has decided to opt-into the nationwide PILT class action lawsuit filed against the federal government. 

The lawsuit addresses funding from the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program which provides individual counties with funding for land owned by the federal government. This funding is meant to cover money the counties lose from the land not being owned by citizens or companies and taxed. 

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