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After a series of discussions with candidates during an executive session, the Grant County Commission announced last week that Jeffrey Teter would be hired as the new director of Grant County Ambulance.

The announcement came near the end of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Grant County Commission on April 9.

A Maryland woman has admitted to supplying thousands of fentanyl pills to dealers in Grant County and the surrounding areas. 

According to a press release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Daniela Marie Giancoli, 34, of Baltimore, Md.,  has plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl. 

Next month, Grant County residents will be asked to cast their vote on whether the local school system keeps its current excess levy in place or, potentially, lets that funding lapse. 

The issue of the school levy will be on the May primary ballot, with voters able to either vote for or against the measure. 

Grant County superintendent Mitch Webster sat down last week to discuss his view on the positive impact the levy has on students and the community. 

The Grant County Board of Education was asked to weigh in on a concern surrounding graduation speakers and their roles at the upcoming Petersburg High School class of 2024 graduation.
The conversation arose when community member Jason Sites attended the March 12 meeting of the board to discuss student speakers for the upcoming graduation.
“This class is remarkable,” Sites said. “They have tried to make a change at this school, not just for their class but for the entire student body. They were happy when this board started recognizing valedictorian and salutation again last year.” Sites, whose daughter is a PHS student, explained that the speakers at the school’s graduations for the past several years have been the student class president and the president of the National Honor Society. However, the 2024 class officers have expressed their desire to see the tradition return to allowing the valedictorian and salutation of the graduating class speak during the ceremony.

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