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Ladies of the Golden Horseshoe
This year’s Golden Horseshoe winners were Alyson Streets, Anna Goldizen and Ashlee Rohrbaugh.

Three local high school students brought home wins in the annual Golden Horseshoe competition.

The Golden Horseshoe is the longest running program of its kind in the country, starting in 1931.

The competition tests stu- dents knowledge of West Virginia history, with the top-scoring from each county receiving the Golden Horseshoe award and being inducted as “knights” and “ladies” of the Golden Horseshoe Society.

Grant County winners this year were Alyson Streets of Union High School and Anna Goldizen and Ashlee Rohrbaugh of Petersburg High School.

A vehicle accident last Tuesday resulted in the death of a Grant County resident and the hospitalization of a driver from Greensburg, Pa.

Grant County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Knobley exit on Corridor H to respond to a reported accident involving a tractor trailer and a smaller vehicle. The tractor trailer was owned by Szakos Trucking and had been hauling salt for the Division of Highways in Petersburg.

When officers arrived at the scene, both the tractor trailer and a white Ford Edge had fallen over a nearby embankment. The driver of the Ford Edge was identified as Delvena Phares of Maysville.

According to the police report the driver of the tractor trailer, David Wilson, had been traveling east bound on Route 48 when Phares crossed into the lane of the oncoming truck causing the collision. Both vehicles then went through the guard rails and over the steep embankment.

Phares was pronounced dead at the scene and Wilson was airlifted out to a medical facility. The accident occurred at 10:40 a.m.

The collision was investigated by Chief Deputy S, Wratchford, Sheriff Brian Ours and Sgt. Krik Thorne.

Also responding were the Marysville Volunteer Fire Department, the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Company, Grant County Ambulance Service and Med Star Medivac,

An early morning speeding stop resulted in a drug arrest after Austin Curtis Harman of Petersburg was pulled over going 60 mph in the city’s 25 mph zone. 

The stop occurred on April 27 at nearly 1 a.m.

Deputy S. Rohrbaugh conducted the stop after he observed Harman’s vehicle driving in a reckless manner.

Upon investigation, marijuana was detected inside of Harman’s vehicle. Deputy Rohrbaugh deployed K-9 officer Dino, who discovered methamphetmine, marijuana and schedule II pills. 

Curtis was charged with possession  with intent to distribute methamphetamine and possession of the other two substances as well as reckless driving, operating a vehicle without a motor vehicle inspection, driving without insurance and improper registration. 

Harman also possessed an outstanding warrant for violation of a domestic violence protective order. 

Deputy L.G. Greenwalt assisted in the arrest.

Terry Shobe
DEDICATION - Nan Kesner, a member of the Grant County Rehabilitation and Care Center board and independent living resident, Terry and Pam Shobe, board chairman Dick Longbon, director Kari Evans and Charlie and Nancy Heck, independent living residents, stand in front of the newly dedicated sign at the Terry Shobe Independent Housing and Retirement Campus in Petersburg.

A new sign was erected earlier this month to officially name the Grant Rehabilitation and Care Center’s independent living community after the facility’s first and longest-serving director, Terry Shobe.

Shobe served as the director at the GRCC for more than 30 years before retiring in 2017.

While the name may be new, the independent housing community actually welcomed its first resident in 1997. It consists of five homes owned and operated by the GRCC.

“Our independent living community is a great asset to the community,” Evans said. “It allows residents to maintain a lot of independence while also participating in activities and receiving support from the care center.”

Evans also said that residents in the community are able to receive meals and be expedited to a nursing home bed if it becomes necessary.

"It is a great option for some people," Evans said. "But a lot of people do not know it is here, but it is here."

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