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Independence Day
Saturday 04 July 2020
by Jesse Hedrick

On July 4, 1776 A.D. the 13 colonies located in the eastern region of what is now known as the continental United States declared before God and the world their independence from the British Empire. The colonies would go on to defeat what was at the time the most powerful and organized military power on the planet, form a constitutional republic, expand to the western shores of the North American continent, end the practice of human slavery in the western world, tame and harness the elemental force of electricity, win two world wars, split the atom, break the gravitational and atmospheric boundaries of the Earth and place a human being on the surface the moon, and in general create an opulent quality of living and extended prosperity hereto unknown in recorded history.

Today, Independence Day is celebrated with proud displays of the American flag and its colors, parades, concerts, gatherings, merrymaking, revelry, and bombastic displays of pyrotechnics.



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